Face Mask

We are making and selling these masks during the coronavirus outbreak because people want to wear them for preventative measures and they are becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of (also if you’re going to cover part of your lovely face then it should at least be with FAB prints!)

Lined cotton masks like this can help you to stop you from touching your face, lowering risk of germs getting directly in to your mouth or nose. They can also lower risk of spray and droplets being passed from you to other people. These are absolutely NOT medical grade masks, which are needed when you are in regular contact with people who have the virus – these are in limited supply at present and should be kept for the people that need them most.

  • Hand made face shaped mask with centre seam
  • Double elastic strap to hold behind ears
  • Lined with Cotton
  • Helps to protect from wet airborne germs
  • Helps to prevent you from touching your mouth and nose whilst travelling - the most common way for the flu virus to enter your body
  • We highly recommend to wash these daily